Aviasi 28 provides a preparation course for aspiring pilots in Indonesia.

This world-class Aviation Foundation Course gives flight students a solid basis in Aviation principles that will form the basis of all future flying experiences.

Delivered in modern facilities by our professional flight instructors, Aviasi28 provides an excellent start on the journey to becoming a pilot. Begin your Aviation studies close to home with minimal financial risk or commitment.

This Aviation Foundation Course is also useful as a preparation class for students wishing to enroll in elite Flying Schools in Indonesia.


Aviation Theory

Principles Of Flight

Aircraft General Knowledge

Operations, Performance & Fuel Planning

Flight Rules and Air Law


Navigation & Aviation English

Human Factors

Aviasi28 Foundation Flight School

Aptitude Preparation & Test

Math and Logic

Numerical Awareness

Concept of the Basic 6

Psychomotor & Psychometric Skills

Memory and Recalling Skills

Recognition & Reasoning

Flight  Director

Aviation Foundation Course Class Fee: Rp 6.600.000
Aviation Foundation Course Private Fee: Rp 15.600.000
Application Fee: Rp 200.000

Additional Online Courses

Pilot Aptitude Test & Preparation: Rp 1.000.000
Aviation English Preparation: Rp 1.800.000

Start Date
15 August 2018

Entry Requirements :
Minimum Age 15 years
Basic English required

Material Included :
Module Aviation Foundation Course
World Aeronautical Chart
Cessna 172 Operation Handbook
Cessna 172 Checklist


1 Day Workshop :
A brief introduction to Aviation including flight simulator experience.

4 – 6 Hour

Rp 500.000